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Watching Hell: Violence On-Screen

I sit there, my heart pounding, my fingers clutching my clothes without realising they are as the sound of guns continues… All I can think of is why? Why the hell are we watching this? Or better yet, why are we watching hell?

The Wandering Bookclub

Join The Wandering Bookclub: an online bilingual (English-Spanish) bookclub that meets monthly on Zoom to discuss books, connect, and have a good time.

My Visit to Oaxaca

I recently spent a few days in Oaxaca, one of the most-loved states in Mexico. I had visited Oaxaca before but this time I went with the purpose of connecting with the people and seeing their state through their eyes.

7 Top Tips to Start Meditating

There are so many benefits to meditation. However, even though I know it is good for me, I still struggled to do it everyday so I have compiled a list of the things that have helped me to meditate daily and I hope with all my heart that it can help someone else too.


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Hi! I am Mar. Welcome to my blog!  I’m a Language & Literature teacher. I’m very passionate about books, films, traveling, self-care, mental health and other wanderings of my mind. I really wish that my words can help shine a little light into the world! 🌟

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