Avatar: A Remembrance

Both Avatar movies are visual masterpieces. But they are more than mere entertainment. They serve as a remembrance of our connection to Nature. They also recount our past placing a mirror in front of us. They tell an old story set in the future and dare us to watch it from another perspective.

Happy Valentine’s Day!: Tune In to Love

I remember fondly many different types of Valentine’s Day. I remember that when I had my first boyfriend when I was fifteen I was so excited for Valentine’s Day to arrive for the first time in my life. Though there wasn’t much to look forward to since we had a long-distance relationship that was moreContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day!: Tune In to Love”

Yes, Sensei!: The Teachers that Made Us

To prepare for the fourth season of Cobra Kai, I rewatched the whole series again and I have been thinking on the figure of the Sensei in this modern sequel to the 80s Karate Kid films.
The word sensei 先生 (せんせい) has been used to mean teacher. In fact, this word means “born before” so it is meant to refer to someone who was born before and therefore has the experience to impart knowledge and wisdom. Sensei, then, is not only a word reserved for schoolteachers, or karate masters, it’s also for someone who imparts knowledge and wisdom as a result of their experience and years.

The Bargain

Someone I love hurt me, deeply hurt me.
I thank that someone for he is my mirror. He cut me open and the light got inside.
All this light, it whispered to me.
It reminded me of the bargain we stroke a long time ago,
In another time, in another state, in another space.

6 Paradise Beaches in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo that You Cannot Miss

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is my idea of heaven. There is no other place in the world that feels so much like home. Here is my guide to 6 paradise beaches to be found in this wonderful safe haven.

Superwomen Only Exist in Comic Books

Since the women’s traditional role shifted from being a housewife to a more professional or business-oriented way of life, women have been under the stress of the “superwoman syndrome”. Read more about it in this post…

Low Expectations: Why is the bar so low for men in relationships?

The other day I was talking with a friend over coffee. After numbering all the reasons why we often think men are “good men” and “good partners”, my friend and I then asked ourselves if these actions or qualities actually make them “good men and partners” or they simply mean they are decent, functional human beings.
Why is the bar so low for men?