Feet on the Earth: 7 Things to Ground Yourself

Grounding is the first thing a witch must learn before she or he attempts any kind of spell, ritual, or magic. Grounding is basic. It is a survival skill for everyone, not only for witches and healers. 

Grounding brings you back into your body, into Presence, into the Now. Grounding helps to feel centred, focused, present, safe, here. Grounding helps with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, post-traumatic stress… It helps with pain, loneliness, fear, stress. It is one of our most basic and simple tools that we can all access to heal. I believe we should all be taught how to ground ourselves since we are young. Like breathing, grounding can help you relax and bring your mind back to the present, to feel safe in your body and in the world. It can also help to steady yourself before doing something that is out of your comfort zone, something brave.

There are many ways to ground yourself. In this post, I will share the things that help me get grounded and stay grounded. 

  1. Love your feet

Your feet are of the utmost importance, they are your first connection to the Earth. They are your first point of contact between you and the ground, they give you direction and help you move. Thank your toes, your nails, your ankles. Love them, take care of them, honour them. Make sure they are well. Put lotion on them, moisturise them, clean them thoroughly in the shower or bath, touch them, caress them. Touch the soles of your feet, ask them to keep you grounded, to keep you in contact with the Earth. Thank them for carrying your whole body weight, thank them for getting you everywhere, thank them for being part of you. Get a pedicure, get a foot massage, or even better, give one to yourself. Give your feet the love they deserve, realise their importance in your life. And every time you want to get grounded, think of your feet! Send your awareness to them. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, carpet, mat… wherever you are. If you have shoes, socks, flip flops, boots, etc. feel your feet inside them. Be aware of how it feels and be conscious of your feet as you walk, stand, or sit. Wherever you are, think of your feet and, if you can, plant them in the ground and breathe into them! 

  1. Go barefoot

Whenever you can, let your feet breathe. Take the shoes, the socks, everything off. If you have a garden, live in the countryside, live near a park, leave near the beach… Walk or just stand barefoot. Feel the soil, how fresh it is. Feel the earth, the grass, the sand. Does it feel warm or cold? Bury your toes in the soil, the sand. If you are on the beach let the water reach your feet, let it sink you on the sand. The water heals you, cleanses you. If you are near a river, dip your feet. Flowing rivers have the power to wash away negative energy. Talk to the river, talk to the ocean, ask for the help of the Earth to keep you grounded, centred, connected to this life, to this world and to your true being, to your essence, and your Soul. 

3. Sit Down and Feel Your Body

Close your eyes and put your awareness on those parts of your body which are making contact with the ground, and the chair, sofa, or whatever surface where you are sitting on. Feel your back supported, feel the surface where you are sitting down. Feel your legs, your feet, the strength of your spine. Take your awareness to your bones, feel their strength, and solidity. Feel their weight and their sureness. Be aware of the gravity that keeps you on the ground. Thank that gravity. Feel your body with your hands, touch it, and press lightly on different parts of it. Say: I am here, right here. I am here. And be there with your whole being. Lovingly press each part of your body, the top of your head, the sides of your head, your cheeks, your eyes, your neck, your arms, your core… all of it. Get acquainted with your body and the space it takes. Breathe into it, allow it to be and thank it for its abilities and its limits as well. Your body is your anchor, it is one of the most precious tools you have to be able to manifest yourself in this life, with this form. Thank it every day. Your cells hear you, they hear your every word, your every thought, make sure you speak only love, health, and peace into them. If you don’t, apologise as well and change the way you talk or think about your body. 

4. Root yourself 

Plant your feet on the ground (soil or grass is preferable) but anywhere can do. Breathe and close your eyes, think of your feet, send your awareness to your soles. Imagine roots coming out of your soles and digging deep into the Earth. Even if you are not on the ground. Maybe you are in an apartment, or a second floor, still… imagine roots coming down from your feet and going through all those layers, down, down, into the earth, pass all the apartments, all the floors, deep into the ground. Imagine that your roots reach deeper, through all the layers of the Earth, deep, deep, to the very Core of Mother Earth. Get to the very Centre of the Earth. Imagine it how you will… Sometimes I imagine a bright beautiful light. Sometimes I imagine a radiant crystal, other times I imagine a bright star, but most times I imagine a loving Mother, with her arms wide open, waiting to embrace me.

5. Work with Mother Earth

Wrap your roots around that light, around that crystal, hug the Core of the Earth. Thank her… There is so much to thank her for. She volunteered to hosts us, despite all the damage we’ve done. She still gives us space, life, love. Honour that. Hug her. Thank her. Love her. And ask her to keep you connected to her, to keep you grounded, to keep you centred and safe. Imagine how her love feels. Ask her to send you her highest vibration. Imagine that energy, what colour is it? I visualise it usually as a green healing energy, or as a golden powerful light. Visualise the energy of Mother Earth surging from her, travelling through your roots all the way up, up, up, up until it reaches the soles of your feet. Imagine it travelling through your feet up to all your body, pass your ankles, shins, knees, thighs, and as it goes up to the rest of your body, it activates your chakras. Root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown. Imagine these energy centres activating, lighting up as the energy goes up into all your body. Fill yourself with light. And then when you reach your crown chakra, try to keep your awareness there as you also think of your feet. Integrate all your body, envision all of it, connected, centred, grounded. Embody your body. Fill the Presence of your Soul in every cell, every muscle, every corner of your body. 

6. Go for a Walk

If you are on the beach, or somewhere you can walk barefoot, do that! But if not, just walk, or hike, or trek. As you walk, feel every step. Try to step with awareness, with consciousness. Sometimes walking becomes such an ordinary thing that we are not even aware of it, we walk while talking, thinking, looking everywhere but within, texting, listening to music, or I must admit I have even walked while reading a book (do not try this on the street!). But try Conscious Walking… no music, no talking, just you and your feet and the world. Make walking a meditation. Be with your body, with yourself. Clear space in your mind. Connect with your body and the Earth. It is not only a good way to exercise but also to come back to your Soul. 

7. Work on your Lower Body

Work on strengthening your core, legs, thighs, calves, ankles, knees. Work on becoming more flexible. Your legs support you, they are like the extension of your roots. They give you movement, they carry you. Work them. Do whatever exercise you find to your liking that strengthens, adds flexibility to your core and lower body. I like to do Body Pump, Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Running, Walking, but there are so many other things to try. 

Once you get grounded, magic away! Or simply, you know, go on with your day, keep going, keep moving, keep growing, knowing that your roots are deep enough to keep you upright! Whatever happens, you take your roots with you, you take your strength, your courage, your Presence… Carry yourself with you always and know that you will be alright. Just remember to always come back to your body, to your centre, to your essence, to your Soul which is connected to everything. That’s where the healing starts. 

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